The Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace is installed outside, or inside of an uninhabited structure like a garage or shop, and can be connected to a forced air or hot water heating system. Central Boiler's Maxim is a high efficiency furnace, which is EPA phase 2 qualified, which results in lower fuel consumption. The Maxim's Firestar controller provides automatic control of air and feed rates to maintain water temperature and maximize efficiency. The Automatic Power Ignition and Auto Relight features provide reliable starting of the fire, eliminating the need for hand starting or starting gels. Maxim furnaces also feature sprayed on urethane foam insulation which provides an airtight waterproof barrier and a better effective R value than fiberglass insulation. Sealed and permanently lubricated gear drive high torque motors means no chains or sprockets to wear or maintain.

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Maxim M250

Price  $8,380 MSRP
          -$300 Instant Rebate

Water Capacity
Maximum Btu
Hopper Capacity
15.5" x 13.5"
1,310 lbs.
90 Gallons
11 Bushel
(600 lbs.)

Optional 48-Bushel Hopper
and Transfer Auger


    5-1/2' & 6'

    8' Auger 




















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Maxim M250 Cutaway View

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